A truer red

This first red square was more rusty than red …

But Acey’s next prompt seemed to call for a truer red, so I looked in my cloth stash and found not one, but three …

Each one by itself looked to be a “true” red, but put together they sorted themselves into light, medium and dark.

As I stitched, I recalled the wonky log cabin blocks that I put together for P’s coverlet. It seemed like a good way to go …

so I did …

And I don’t know where it will end up, but then again, neither do I have any planned “use” for this …

except to simply be in the moment with it.

20 thoughts on “A truer red

    1. I miss thrift store shopping … but I confess to having an inordinate stash of linen shirts and blouses to draw on (although some of my best thrift store finds made their way into our clothes closet instead)

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  1. Oh these reds are beautiful; and I love the wobbles. Somehow they add even more life and vibrancy to what is already harmoniously alive. Wonderful colours and as ever, stunning stunning stitching. I would love to come visit and sit and stitch with you just to work out how to do such beautiful stitching.


    1. how wonderful it would be to sit together and stitch … at least we get to see you and Barry in the video clip about your letterpress printmaking …


  2. I love that these exercises spoke to you as strongly as they have. I smile each time I’m able to inspire you because you go your own way with such things in a way that’s enormously inspiring. the giving of that self-imperative. I also think the way you contained ‘stability’ energy by way of also speaking the skews in involved with creating somebody stable in the midst of instability. I looked at the image and nodded happily at the Liz-ness of it all.


    1. Liz-ness was a long-ago name given to me by a good friend in high school … what a kick to see it reappear so many years later … ha!

      anyway, whether because of my lack of hearing or just how my inner logic works, I usually get side-tracked during classes or workshops … even recipes, come to think of it. My mind latches on to something and goes where it will … totally oblivious of whatever direction has been given

      thus it was that I read Grace’s thoughtful post
      and smiled ruefully … off-track again, but happily so


  3. Hi LA – looks like the power of red is leading you in its direction – enjoyable to follow the lead. Go well. B


    1. several wash cycles in I am realizing how much thinner the thrifted linen is … so I’m now considering two layers for a future trial


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