One quarter

I’m back to working on My Heart’s Compass, a king size flannel sheet being layered with cloth and stitch to become a spread for our queen size bed …

I’m currently making patches of setting sun for the evening sky side of the cloth. They remind me of East Coast autumn leaves on a day when the temperature will get into the 90s in Texas.

It’s all good.

And now, looking at the loosely scattered patches, I’m rethinking the plan to make them into strips. I kinda like them as they are. Hmmm …

17 thoughts on “One quarter

  1. It is one of the wonders of making I enjoy the most – the moments when the piece/pieces suggest they could be something other than you thought at first! This is looking so harmonious and comforting – and I was struck by how well it plays with the rug beneath it…


    1. Likewise, the act of writing a post and then considering the comments helps me move a piece in a new direction … and I have to laugh because this color combination shows up a fair bit in my closet, too


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