Done and done

The second cataract surgery went well(ish) yesterday. Everything’s fine now, but ’twas uncomfortable for a time.

More important, Remember 2016 is now complete, front and back …

I stitched a white flannel backing to the pieced front using two strands of Deb Lacativa’s magical floss, running the stitches to the right side of each patch, zigging and zagging as I went, then running along the bottom of each patch …

which left a wonderfully random pattern on the b-side …

The raw edges of the flannel were turned under, stitched through to the front along the edge, then hemmed and finally secured with a second line of running stitch that did not go through to the front …

Which is probably only clear to me, but I’m recording it here so I can reference it later as needed. I even managed to sorta miter the corners …

And called it done.

18 thoughts on “Done and done

  1. Memory quilts like this are the very best quilts. Had a friend that when her husband passed stitched a block everyday for the first year .. stitching memories and feelings that would get her from one day to the next. It was the most amazing quilt I’ve ever seen.


  2. Wonderful on both counts! Hooray for healthy, well-sighted eyes and a gorgeous, fascinating to look at and make discoveries quilt…with a soft flannel backing to boot! I love flannel. I’m so very happy for you. 🙂


    1. It feels like the first pair of glasses that my nearsighted self got at age eight … it was like seeing the world for the first time … magical!


  3. Am glad you’re on the mend and can connect more fully with some of your life’s pleasures and passion for making things!


  4. Well, you know how grateful I am for the success and blessings of both surgeries. A rebirth of clearer vision.
    The cloth is spectacular! I am looking forward to seeing it in person.


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