Good news …

Today I stitched and stitched and stitched …

happy beyond words to tell that the cataract surgery made such an incredible difference in my vision, just as Mo promised it would. Colors and clarity in all their glory … oh happy day.

And though I had planned get the other eye done after Medicare kicks in next year, the difference is so striking that I have decided not to wait. So, the second surgery will be next Monday.

Thanks to all for the good wishes, which obviously worked wonders! And here’s to looking forward to brighter days.

30 thoughts on “Good news …

    1. Patty – it has been far beyond what I expected (and I expected a lot!) … I didn’t get anything fancy, even chose to remain nearsighted, so I’ll still wear glasses. I wish you a similarly good experience.


  1. Yay! I’m so glad! Today I was told I could get mine done any time, both eyes at once.
    I’m glad for your better eyes and your stitching 🙂


  2. Hi LA – I’m just so happy for you – grand that it is finally done and worked – such a joy to be able to work and appreciate colour and clarity – stitch on. B


    1. there are many positive stories of cataract procedures, but still I was anxious (and was, in a way, making sure I went through with it by posting repeatedly here) …


  3. This felt SO GOOD to read…YES!…can see it in the clarity and color of your photograph…
    love that you are excited to have the second done….that says it


  4. Well now, this is just the kind of news that we all need, that uplifts our spirits. I will say though that your creative vision was always clear…but now, you can see it even better for yourself! Seriously, so glad that the surgery went well and onto the next one.


  5. Fabulous outcome Liz! Happy hands again too. Even tho you know most folks have a good story; it cab be anxious waiting. Wishing all good things for eye number 2!


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