Out of my comfort zone

Ellis is almost one year old …

and what a year it has been!

As I did with Parker, I have requested E’s outgrown clothes in hopes of making a patched coverlet. But the reality is that the littlest ones wear mostly knits, and the few outfits that are made of woven cloth are teeny tiny, which means I am far from having the requisite yardage.

But knits there are (or were) in abundance. So, I’m working out of my comfort zone …

Even going so far as to use the sewing machine …

Not one of my strengths, but hand stitching will bring it all together in the end.

To be continued …

17 thoughts on “Out of my comfort zone

  1. A year already! How fast they grow.
    I know what you mean about knits….it will be fun to see how you cope with them.


    1. I love this book …. read it several years ago and decided at the time that stitching knit cloth wasn’t what I wanted to pursue

      But you work with what you have, right?


  2. Wow! One year already! Those knit, while they may prove tricky, will be so soft and comfy when you’re done! Have fun with the process.


  3. Birthday Blessings to Ellis! You, Don and family look well. Grateful! Enjoy your challenge- looking forward to the journey.


  4. I think the knits are different, but they will feel great and look great when they all come together. Hoping your patience and know-how get you thru the challenge-y bits! Another adventure awaits!!!


    1. I’ve read many articles and books that detail how to stitch a spine (as a book was the end-goal in all this) … none of it ever made sense, but putting my hand to it, I came up with a solution that worked for me … and now I want to try some more “traditional” techniques


  5. what a great photo of you all together!
    I’m sure you’ll find a way to make the fabric work for you, I’m guessing it will feel wonderfully soft


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