Taking a stand (Seven of Wands)

There is no more iconic image in Texas than the Alamo, a surprisingly small structure dwarfed by its modern surroundings …

Though the Alamo was the scene of total defeat, it was the rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo!” that supposedly inspired the victory which led to the defeat of the Mexican army and the formation of the Republic of Texas.

Taking a stand …


  • 78 Degrees: the Seven of Wands is a card of conflict … [about] the battle itself … [and being] committed to fighting through an earlier experience
  • Kitchen Table Tarot: this isn’t just a challenge to ideals, this is someone actively interfering with your life … people forget that we have a fierce nature … that we can say “You may not …”
  • The Creative Tarot: take the high ground

So, here an image of the Alamo without its faux façade, accompanied by a stand of Indian Paintbrush, photographed on a sojourn to the Pedernales Falls many years ago, and a lone Paintbrush, photographed somewhat more recently at the Wildflower Center

as I hum to myself, “where have all the flowers gone?”

8 thoughts on “Taking a stand (Seven of Wands)

  1. HI LA – this seems to resonate strongly with the current times – taking a stand when there are some who want to take our transparency and democracy away from us. Stay well. B


    1. What is more than a bit scary is how some in the US are interpreting “democracy” … where “my rights are better than your rights” and there are actually businesses with signage reading “you are not welcome if you are wearing a mask” (welcome to the Wild West that is Texas)


  2. I really like how you tie your interpretations to your ground. This is a new read for this card for me. I’ve always taken it to mean feeling besieged. Too many issues coming up. Too many demands on one’s time. I like the idea of it representing taking the higher ground.


  3. Love how my sense of your interpretation is elaborated and illuminated by the exchange just above from Dee and then you in reply.

    I love the way your collage layering style speaks so well of interpretive layers. Would LOVE to see these cards all spread out or in a grid. You’ve evoked something that speaks on its own of the cards. Not just within your chosen associations and signifiers.


    1. It has been quite a journey, one I might never have taken without the jumpstart from your collage challenge in January … but now the deck grows slender indeed and I am already sad, anticipating the turning of the last card


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