Earth mother (Queen of Pentacles)

Look! Quick … can you see it?


That was my reaction upon first seeing a Texas jackrabbit … ears so large that I could actually believe how the legend of the Jackalope came to be …


And yes, that’s probably just a garden variety cottontail in the lower right corner of the Smith-Waite Queen of Pentacles, but for the Texas Tarot, only a jackrabbit would do …

jackrabbit 2

  • 78 Degrees: this card is about a love for and unity with the world … she knows and believes in herself … and a yellow sky shines behind her
  • Kitchen Table Tarot: she does what she can with what she has … she is the quintessential earth mother … sitting in the grass … nurturing, kind, and a little bit strict … she is all about home, memories, and family
  • The Creative Tarot: just remember to take care of yourself while you’re taking care of everyone else … turn that nurturing energy inward every once in a while

The Smith-Waite yellow sky really drew me in. So, I cut around the outline of the jackrabbit to let the background color show through, and yes, to let those amazing ears show themselves …

smiling all the while at the memory of the jackrabbits at Summer Mountain Ranch.

8 thoughts on “Earth mother (Queen of Pentacles)

  1. Excellent choice to cut a corona for the jackrabbit. Introducing the graphic qualities of the background pulls the whole composition together. I really like this one.


    1. Jackrabbit hopping happens at a most amazing rate … everything about them is larger than life, but hey, everything’s bigger in Texas (ha!)


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