Good therapy

I can’t remember the last time I stitched, but fortunately my fingers haven’t forgotten what to do.

P’s 3rd Birthday is coming up, so Don and I decided to refurbish the doll house that his dad made for our girls 30-some years ago …

It was one of granddaughter Logan’s favorite playthings in her preschool days and we had much fun picking out new furnishings for her. One decade later, they still look like new …

Over the past several years, our three grandsons called the dollhouse a “barn,” given its rustic red coloring. But this past Christmas our girls opined that it was looking a tad bit outdated compared to this nifty dollhouse remodel in Young House Love.

So noted. We put our heads together and came up with a similar monochromatic color scheme. Yesterday Don painted the roof slate gray and we ordered some light gray paint for the exterior.

Today we turned our eyes to the furniture, deciding on a soft ballet pink for the the bedroom. While Don painted, I stitched a miniature quilt to match the coverlet I made for Parker’s big-girl bed last year …

I think she’ll see the resemblance …

and I’m pretty sure she’ll recognize the new family, too …

18 thoughts on “Good therapy

  1. OH my gosh, this is fantastic! You work tiny cloth like a pro! Please keep us posted with updates and her response too. You brought back memories of my daughter’s doll house.


  2. Generations of love, and play and stories made up of all who have lived and will live in this little house. Parker will have a wonderful time with her doll house and I dare say, so will Nana and Pop Pop. Lovely that you both have worked on this for Parker; it is a dear, sweet and loving gift.


  3. That is amazing. You & Don really are a great team & I can imagine lots of hours of fun with the newly remodeled doll house.


    1. B – The house was such a labor of love by my father-in-law. Interesting to note: he painted it that rich barn red and several years later we moved into a house painted the same color (and yes, we all called it “the barn”). I guess that’s why I’ve been reluctant to paint it before now, as it so reminded me of the house where we parented our daughters through their teens and young adulthood. But it was time to move on.

      And thank you … my ever-more nearsighted eyes are hungry for fine stitches. I might as well do as much as I can before having the cataract removed.


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