Light for the darkness (The Star)

This was the time of year when I most loved walking the land, greeting each wildflower by name, welcoming them back. How glad I am that I took my iPhone with me, capturing fleeting moments in pixels, never imagining the dislocation and darkness to come.

  • 78 Degrees: after the storm, peace … light coming out of darkness … for the moment, the journey can wait
  • Kitchen Table Tarot: everything has changed … what you need is a light that will fill your soul and shine on you so gently … it’s okay to put the sadness down for a minute and focus on the beautiful things around us … relax and stop anticipating trauma
  • The Creative Tarot: [this is] a card of healing … you are exactly where you should be and doing exactly what you should be doing

I wandered through the Texas: Wildflowers links on the blog, looking for flowers with five petals, my idea of what stars look like. Except that the Smith-Waite card has eight-pointed stars …

So eight-petalled Zexmenia then …


and beyond that, seven more five-petalled flowers to attend to it. No surprise that I found exactly that many.

Along the way I decided on a dewberry background, remembering how those walks included picking berries, each one a gift of the land …

dewberry 3

along with this patch of memory

dewberry 6

The original layout looked too contrived …

Fortunately, a quick fishing expedition in the scrap box yielded the bits I needed …

Light for the darkness.

10 thoughts on “Light for the darkness (The Star)

  1. For some reason, today I really noticed the difference between the two layouts. Usually I just like everything. Haha But today, I saw what you did. There is much to personally relate to in the words of each deck on this card. Yours is beautiful once again. All side by side they would make a gorgeous and interesting quilt!


    1. I briefly considered doing a tarot quilt … but decided it would take a decade to complete! As it is, I’m almost halfway through the card/collages!


  2. Hi LA – just love how nature nurtures us even to the point of giving delightful inspiration for our art. Love how the Star piece worked out. B


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