And in other news (a second post)

Yesterday I was in a funk, feeling I had gotten nothing done. Until Don reminded me I did manage to do a few things.

For instance, there are several new additions to the usual keys in the entryway: printouts of our health proxies and other legal documents, along with a stash of face masks …

I confess, after trying any number of face mask patterns, I finally threw out the “recipes” and came up with my own way of doing things.

Starting with an 8″ x 20.5″ rectangle of cloth, I pressed in the long edges 1/2″ and then pressed in the near edge 1″ …

The 6″ far-end (the one with the raw edge) was folded over the 7 1/2″ middle …

followed by the 6″ near end (the one with the folded edge) …

all stitched together into a simple rectangle, leaving the folded-edge open to form a pocket for inserting a liner in the back …

Here’s the front view, finished size 7″ high by 7.5″ wide. Note the side pockets have no bulk and no pleats (thank goodness) …

I threaded some simple cloth ribbon ties through the side pockets and then gathered each side …

The ties (which could also be made with bias binding, strips of scrap cloth, or even elastic) are easily adjustable to fit the mask around nose, cheeks and chin with a minimum of gapping.

Don’s mask fit best at 8″ high by 8.5″ wide, so I simply scaled up the dimensions by starting with a 9″ x 23.5″ rectangle of cloth.

Moving on, I took heart from Saskia’s recent post, gathered up leftover cloth bits from the Peace Pin Project, and strung them together into a Peace Flag banner for the bush in front of our house …

Thanks Saskia …

“all of this makes me so happy …”

and maybe just a little more productive than I thought.

10 thoughts on “And in other news (a second post)

  1. How can you not smile, walking by your bushes, bits of color, cloths waving in your bushes…course it might be hard to tell if someone is smiling underneath their mask but you just know that the moment spent stopped and looking has to make them feel good. My neighbor, Alan, on his way out, mask on his face, pointed at my tree cloth, waved and made the sign of a heart with his fingers. Kindness is all around…


  2. I get down and dull too when I think nothing has been accomplished….a legacy from my high energy mother, I think. It sounds like you have been very productive. I love your bush banner.


  3. LA – it amazes me that we often don’t think of our achievements at the end of the day as they seem too ordinary or small; and yet making masks and putting out peace flags are big. B


    1. You/re right, of course … I have a tendency to dwell on the negatives rather than the positives in life. The blog is a good way to turn that around.


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