My cup runneth over (Ace of Cups)

I have been fortunate beyond measure … beginning with a comfortable upper-middle class upbringing on Long Island … then on to college in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I met Don on a blind-date at the tender age of 18 … we married in 1977 and had two daughters, Meg in 1982 and Meliss in 1986 … along the way we became educators, which is to say we spent our careers learning … our daughters in turn married two great guys, Paul and Jake, in 2008 … between them we were graced with granddaughters Logan, Parker and Ellis and grandsons Jackson, Griffin, and Jace … we also welcomed family-by-choice into our lives, Barb and Ray, Heather and Keith being chief among them … and we have loved every home we’ve lived in, however short or long the time spent, from mountains to beach and back again.

So this card then …

  • 78 Degrees: The Ace of Cups means happiness and love, a gift of joy … love, and ultimately life, cannot be seized, but only accepted
  • Kitchen Table Tarot: this is the heart of the Tarot, overflowing with bounty and blessings
  • The Creative Tarot: this card represents the soul … a higher version of yourself

In these days of COVID-19, I feel deep gratitude for all the family and friends who inspire me to try to be my best self, in real life and in the ether.

Truly, I have been dealt the best of hands …

and hope that all shall be well.

20 thoughts on “My cup runneth over (Ace of Cups)

  1. I love the look, the hand in this card.
    I feel it is important to look for the good, feel the gratitude and so on, especially in the harder times, like now. A good man to live my life with, a roof over my head, enough to eat, a job to return to and some benefits in the meantime and much more…but, I will add, I don’t know how “deserve” fits into it. It just is. If one person deserves this goodness, then others deserve or don’t their hardships? Not to be argumentative, just something I’ve always considered, especially in my really hard days or periods in my life. The song in Sound of Music that sings, “I must have done something good”…so then does that mean I’ve done something ‘bad’? Like I said, just considering.
    I am grateful for your family blessings…it is a good life, yes?!!


  2. Yet another beautiful pictorial expression, this time of abundance and flow. I loved reading all the names of family, chosen and otherwise. I share a lot of your bounty and feel incredibly grateful to be sheltered in a comfortable home with incredible light and lots of food with a good natured spouse. There is no merit underlying it all or justice or deserving — Nancy makes a good point. Some things seem to be the product of certain choices, and for that I’ll take responsibility — but all the rest? Anyway, the spoon was a lovely choice for the Ace of Cups.


    1. My mom used to say (particularly in relation to parenting, but it fits this discussion, too) that one can take neither the credit, nor the blame for how things turn out in the end … and hoping you enjoyed the raindrop on the fork tine


        1. Ugh … I really wussed on explaining myself with this post. The fork and spoon were part of a rain chain that I created almost ten years ago … it was so hard to make that it was a one-off. Anyway, the card/collage includes a single drop of rain to the right and slightly above the thumb … when it really poured, the chain looked much like the overflowing cup, exuberant even … and nearly impossible to capture in a photo. Now I’m wondering if I have a video … I might, I might

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  3. Thank you for this open hearted response to my comment. I am not always so forthright, so the safety here feels good. Liz…thank goodness for your mom’s wise teachings. I’ve taken on a lot of blame in the mom space, mostly from myself. Dee, yes, our choices, inability to choose and many other factors all play a part. Thanks ladies. xo


  4. oh ha, the fork and spoon….I kind of copied this, or rather I had a friend who works with metal forge a long row of forks together, I only had to twist the prongs into twirls


    1. “only had to twist the prongs” … oh, that’s no mean feat, as my hands well recall. Just went to your blog hoping to find a picture, but wasn’t successful … hoping you might point the way …


  5. Ace of Cups by Chester Harris for his Tarot Chesta

    Hail the grail!
    From which
    Springs forth
    Never ending sustenance.
    Bathing the spirit.
    Warm tears
    Of love.
    And of joy


  6. To come to appreciate the paths that we have taken in our lives, to know that we all carry strength and weakness, joy and sorrow, hope and doubt, to accept this and realize that it is, and continues to be a good life, well that is the measure of my cup runneth over.

    The thread that holds it all together, love of family, friends, acknowledging when I have fallen short, when I have soared, knowing that I can step outside my door and find beauty, wonder, fulfillment , my cup runneth over.

    Liz this tarot card holds so much that is joyful; it simply spills over with the love that you hold for your family, friends and life and as your cup runneth over, ours does as well for the sharing that you bring to all of us..


    1. Marti – some things never get old, no matter how often they are said … let there be joy, love, peace, family, friends, and life itself

      May you be well …


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