Which way will it go? (Eight of Swords)

I am drawn to Swords it seems. Indeed, it feels like the whole deck is nothing but Sword cards.  But they’ve got to run out eventually, right?

The Eight of Swords for today, then …

Originally the Texas Tarot Eights were envisioned as cycles of emotion, both sticking points and hope. So, I surveyed the succulent images in the blog and the barrel cactus stood out …

barrel cactus

As usual, I slept on it and woke thinking I could mirror the image to create an “8” shape. Or not. I abandoned the notion in short order as maze-like bookcovers called out to be considered and ultimately made the cut because …

  • 78 Degrees: the clue to this card is confusion, oppressive ideas, isolation from other people
  • Kitchen Table Tarot: the fear is the thing … this card is about being trapped by our own anxiety and allowing it to direct our life … it’s pretty serious
  • The Creative Tarot: we want someone to rescue us … to tell us what to do … [but] no one else is coming … you have only yourself to rely on, so it’s either save yourself or quit entirely

As I cut and placed the bits and pieces, I sensed vertigo, sliding down into danger with nothing to grab on to, nothing to stop the slide. But I also sensed something higher …

if only we can find a way.

10 thoughts on “Which way will it go? (Eight of Swords)

  1. All these hard high swords cards. Mental warfare. gaslighting non-stop. It’s the air/atmosphere we’re all breathing in this country…

    thought it was disgusting when the anti-mask stuff started coming out. realized we were all going to be treated like docile fox-viewers or ‘her emails’ if we expressed any critical thinking.

    This is another really good one. I’m just so happy this project has fallen into place for you so magnificently. Would you ever have imagined back when you were first salting away the book covers???


  2. LA – I find it strange that there are times when Fiona and I draw our words for the day the same words can come out day after day even though we have given them a good mix. Almost like the universe saying I’m not sure you got the message yet – so sometimes we look back and say what was the message – did we just see the top simplistic layer – was there a different layer. Always a challenge. Whatever the question is – may hope be the answer. Go well. B


    1. B – I know what you mean … in the several weeks before starting this project when I was getting acquainted with the cards, I drew the same cards several times over


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