Contradiction (Queen of Swords)

The Queen of Swords is “a complete badass” according to the Kitchen Table Tarot. But that obviously wasn’t how the card felt to me, because when I pulled out bookcovers, they were mostly soft colors ….

So, I sat with it a while. And pondered. And re-read the books …

  • 78 Degrees: The Queen of Swords symbolizes both sorrow and wisdom … she uses the sword of her intellect to free herself from confusion, doubt, and fear
  • The Creative Tarot: her love is where things begin as inspiration … so use the sword for the right reasons … know when it’s time to put it down and reach out with your hands

Then I decided to stay with what felt right: a graceful scissortail flycatcher perched on barbed wire, bare branches and green leaves, the trace of water through stone, with passionate intellect underlying it all …

The Queen of Swords, my way …

11 thoughts on “Contradiction (Queen of Swords)

  1. So you are dealing really well and expressively with the court card energies all the while avoiding the elusive ‘human examples’. I love the color palette. You’re developing a flair for going in your own direction while still resonating with those of us who have been around tarot. It’ s quite extraordinary.


    1. Thanks Acey … I was concerned at the outset that my lack of experience with tarot would be problematic, but time has lessened that feeling. I still trust that you and others will let me know if I veer too far off the path though


  2. I love this one, the rough edges alongside the cut edge. Using her sword as intellect… Knowing when to put that down. Thought provoking.


  3. I love that passionate intellect underlies this one. And, like Acey, I’m so impressed with how the personal visual vocabulary you’re developing manages to evoke the traditional better known images.


    1. Dee … thanks for the ongoing encouragement … I so wanted the words to show, but there was no way it was going to work … now I realize it is just how it should be


      1. And anyway, these are so much about the energy and not merely the visual compositions. So in that way, it matters not at all.


  4. LA – there are those times that you have to go with the feeling – intuition from the centre rather than instruction from without. Stay safe. B


    1. B – it was no great surprise when I first took the Myers-Briggs that I scored pretty high on the intuitive measure (right up there with introversion) …


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