Dance back from the grave (Page of Swords)

Back in the day, Don and I heard Marc Cohn perform at the little movie theatre in Williamsburg where there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. While I had favorites that he sang that night (Walkin’ in Memphis and True Companion chief among them), what stuck in my head was a righteous song about New Orleans titled Dance Back from the Grave.  We hadn’t yet been to New Orleans at that point, but listening to it in the here-and-now, recalled our journey there several years ago

Anyway, the song played in my head as I worked on the Death card yesterday, after which I was more than happy to draw the Page of Swords …

  • 78 Degrees: a much lighter card with a very different approach to problems … rather than change them, he finds it sufficient to simply get above them, to find the high ground
  • Kitchen Table Tarot: he is chatty and curious, he has tons of energy, and his ideas are flying around
  • The Creative Tarot: this card represents honesty and clarity, but also, on occasion, trouble

So, what better representative for the Page could there be than the grackle? A denizen well-known to the city of Austin

Here he’s landed on a newly completed abstract that Don whipped out the other day …

along with a bit of bookcover underpinning …

I hope you dance …

11 thoughts on “Dance back from the grave (Page of Swords)

  1. So much interesting goodness here! Don’s painting, a bird and musician I’d never heard of…all that, plus a smiley face on a light post! Thanks for bringing us along, yet again. xo


  2. okay this is a card where my eye isn’t looking at it as a finished piece – it’s looking at all the proof of how you’ve not just gotten passed hesitancy of combining “busy” patterns – you have mastered the knack.


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