Today … with addenda

It is Chalk Your Walk Day in our neighborhood …

Inspired by our Austin crew …

Be well …

Here’s more chalk talk from our local public library …

And our Missouri grandkids getting back to work together …

6 thoughts on “Today … with addenda

  1. Making art not only makes you happy but brings smiles to everyone’s faces….best medicine around and seeing the wonderful artists is such a boost! Thank you Griffin and Parker for giving us this happy moment.

    Brought up a memory as well for me of the grands, at age 2, chalking the sidewalk in front of the apartment that they lived in and another memory on their first trip here to New Mexico when they were 4 yrs old. In the goody bag that I had assembled for them was colored chalk so they drew every morning after breakfast on our patio…and I joined them as did their parents. GrandPa “supervised!”


  2. Art makes me happy! What fabulous and colourful chalk art here there and everywhere by the looks. And great to see the learning shots. Keep everybody safe and happy – sounds so easy in times we recall as usual; but an achievement beyond measure it seems right now. Gorgeous post.


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