Back in the saddle (Knight of Swords)

Okay, I couldn’t resist the post title since the next randomly-dawn card for the Texas Tarot is the Knight of Swords, which is called the Prince of Swords in the Cosmic Tarot because it’s a Thoth-inspired deck.

Ummm … okay, not totally up on that part. But I think I’m safe in saying that the Prince of Swords is roughly equivalent to the Knight of Swords in Tarot-speak.


Swords cards are associated with the element of air and with intellect … not an emotional thing to be found there. In my Texas Tarot imaginings, I am assigning the Sword Court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King) to what I’m calling ‘Birds of the Air’ (as supposed to the Cups Court cards, which will be assigned ‘Birds of the Sea’).

The card/collage I came up with …

is composed of a cover from a book on witchcraft, overlaid by a open-book image from another bookcover, a monotone version of my WORDS collage created during Acey’s January challenge, and a caracara photo-image clipped from a wildlife guidebook which is being sacrificed for the greater good of the Texas Tarot.

Caracara, you ask? Yes, well … also known as the Mexican Eagle, the caracara is only found in the most southern portions of the US. It seemed a good fit for this particular card as it is known to be a daring critter, up to challenging vultures for their spoils, but also a small game hunter in its own right. We used to see caracaras in the trees at the edge of the floodplain in the Hill Country … they’re amazing!

As for the books, this is what they say about the Knight of Swords …

78 Degrees: “brave, skillful, strong, yet he tends also towards wildness … strong belief in himself”

Kitchen Table Tarot: “challenging himself and others … high in the air … flashy robe … intellect here, but not so much forethought … confidence … and a wee bit vain … strong and smart and makes things happen … he wants, he takes”

The Creative Tarot: “uses his words to fight his battles … exists entirely in the present tense … Swords are words and thoughts … sees the dragon as a dragon”

Which, by the way, is why I left a small lozenge with what appears to be a dragon-rider showing on the background. Cool, huh?

10 thoughts on “Back in the saddle (Knight of Swords)

  1. The feel of the collage is amazing. I’m reading along not really knowing what to expect and then — Bam — the image. It’s rich and balanced and lovely.


  2. love so much watching you bloom in this way, Liz. also want to express gratitude in your creative inclinations playing an enormous part in coming back to tarot and actually talking/writing about it. In the past two weeks my daily life has been immeasurably enriched and re-constituted due your influence inspiring me to get back into the cards myself not simply suggest how you might find ways to establish understand & confidence yourself. Big time grateful for that.

    It’s opened many doors. Some quite literally but also in terms of opportunities I’m considering rather than outright rejecting as a poor fit and/or ‘not how I do things”.


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