Trouble comes in Threes (Three of Swords)

I was dipping in and out of the Kitchen Table Tarot and chanced upon the Three of Swords. “Ugh, what a miserable card,” I thought.

Of course that was the one I drew the next day. And honestly, the Cosmic Tarot version of the card is so incredibly creepy that I’m not going to include it here. These other versions from a Google image search are disturbing enough …

The “good” news is that I knew I wanted to use this picture of three Spanish Daggers from our front porch in the Hill Country …

At least, that’s what we called them, although I’ve never actually pinned down which of the many varieties we actually had. They were beautifully dangerous, and I asked Don to dig them up before having a bunch of little ones over to our house for Easter several years ago.

The angle of the shot had me a bit worried, until I recalled a series of sunset pictures taken from the window of the car as we drove back home through Wimberley shortly before moving …

just a flip, a slight rotation and some cropping yielded a perfect match between the image I settled on and the picture of the daggers.

So today’s card/collage is an incredibly simple homage to the wisdom that “trouble comes in threes” …

Or, as the books opine …

78 Degrees: “sorrow … pain and heartbreak … a certain calm in the symmetry of the swords … to true sorrow we can only make one response – take the pain into our hearts, accept it and go beyond it … we must not push the pain away … take it deep inside until it becomes transformed by courage and love … an embracing of life”

Kitchen Table Tarot: “you can’t really soften this card … something broke … there was loss, pain, tragedy and heartache … a transition of the soul … take a deep breath and brace for uncontrollable change”

The Creative Tarot: “the swords have been there a long time … the injury is an old one … it’s all but become abstract to the person who is suffering … the question is what happens after that … do we use it as a source of strength or an excuse to be weak? … old hurts hold a kind of influence over us our entire lives …  examine your own cause and effect, and those of the people you love … it takes love and patience to deal properly with the Three of Swords”

Okay, deep breath. Here’s a more positive bit of news.

I read in Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter about a letterpress in Detroit. Not usually one to go in for online fundraisers, somehow this one called to me and I did indeed donate.  The Pile of Bricks has since met its goal (please note, the video promo makes me laugh out loud). And I am the happy recipient of a mini-poster by virtue of being a part of that effort …

Even the envelope it came in is way cool. But since the text on the poster is a bit hard to read, here’s another version from Instagram …

Here’s to wellness in our world, however we might get there. But likewise, let us never forget …

8 thoughts on “Trouble comes in Threes (Three of Swords)

  1. Indeed Liz, indeed. This card really, really spoke to me and your version is so beautiful to gaze upon, making me feel the beauty in the pain. Thank you. Your own thank you gift is awesome indeed and a message worth remembering!


    1. It’s interesting … your comment made me think of sacred heart imagery, which hadn’t occurred to me earlier.

      And yes, hopefully “we the people” get a clue this November and undo some of the incredible injury that has been done to the country the past few years


    1. It’s strange, but I almost feel like these challenging cards are … hmmm, not easier exactly, but accessible maybe? And now I’m wondering if this is a wake-up call to be on the lookout for edgy-ness when I draw more positive cards…


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