Behind the scenes

I’ve not been here because I’ve been “there” … doing and thinking behind the scenes.

With Valentines Day (or Valentine’s, if you prefer) in the offing, I played around with collage …

and watercolor (these having been masked with painter’s tape beforehand) …

Then photographed and printed my favorites into notecards …

to send to our grandchildren and to our daughter, who celebrates her birthday today. I’m not at all sure how 34 years went by so fast …

but I’m so very proud she just made the Dean’s List in her current pursuit of a degree in nursing …

None of which would be possible without my long-time Valentine …

Here’s to 45 years of celebrating together …

18 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

  1. LOVE THIS! Maybe I’ll make some water color and taped ones with my littlest today. I’ve been uninspired, but not anymore! Always love seeing your beautiful family. Xo to you, Nancy


  2. Collaged hearts, couldn’t be more perfect because our lives are made up of many different moments that come together to make up a good life. What a sweet loving post. Well done to your daughter, nurses have huge hearts. Joy to see Don with with his “Valentine” Parker. Your collaged hearts could not be more joyful plus 45 years with your Valentine- huge warm fuzzie.


  3. a belated happy valentines day to you and your loved ones, you must be so proud of your nurse daughter (even if she wasn’t one you’ld be of course, but you know what i mean) kind caring nurses make such a difference to our lives these days as my aging mother is not doing so well…..
    your paper hearts are so uplifting!


    1. so sorry about your mother … even twelve years on, my heart hurts thinking of my mom’s last year

      and Meliss … well, she has such amazing hands, which is a gift … she plans to put her caring to very good use as an OB nurse, but I suspect she would be equally gifted in geriatrics


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