Today it’s not all about me

Today the focus was on making Valentine Day cards … symmetrical for G and abstract expressionist for P.

Markers, crayons, stickers, and rubber stamps were applied to large paper hearts …

“Signatures” were created for the back of each card …

Then the resulting images were reduced and printed four-to-a-page on cover stock in quantities sufficient for classmates.

Leftover stickers were applied to repurposed shoe boxes to make classroom mailboxes …

After a good lunch and some play time …

we all went to the drug store soda fountain for a special treat …

followed by naps for Nana and Pop Pop … and wishes that our other grandkids lived close enough to do the same.

16 thoughts on “Today it’s not all about me

  1. Love the way you set out their supplies in the low bowls. It’s perfect for keeping stuff corralled but they can still easily reach and grab their choices.


  2. My mother the art teacher might not have approved of limiting her little creators color choices, but she always said that giving children beautiful supplies was one way to ensure beautiful results. How fun for them! How fun for you! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ha! Well, I agree in theory with your mom, but the goal for the day was not to explore the many ways to get to grey (or brown) … and a heart-felt “amen” to beautiful supplies, including good pans of watercolor and heavy cold pressed paper … I’ve been amazed at what our five year old grandson has done with them!

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  3. oh this is all so joyful Liz, I’m sitting here with a huge smile…your grandchildren are adorable and I love their names


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