Crazy country redux

At first I was psyched by Acey’s collage challenge prompt #20

“Sun and wind,” I thought, “light to expose the evil done in darkness, wind to sweep it away.” And on a more practical note, solar power and wind energy to replace the oil and gas that fuel our wants and needs.

But as I started to go through the book cover stash, it occurred to me that wind is challenging to find in static imagery. That was when I started to notice words and phrases, started tearing into them, started the adrenaline rush that would leave me feeling like hell by the time I was done …

Don used to love a roadside sign in Austin (no longer there) that read, “We the people don’t have a clue.”

For sure recent events (defined as anything and everything over the past four years) have been, are, “CRAZY.”

And I think of our grandkids … “someday all this will be yours.”

“The great transformation” would be, could be great “strength in what remains … when the king/man is gone.”

Fingers trembling (like a dose of too much caffeine or the drag of low blood sugar), I pasted the scraps down … then recklessly tore the backing, realizing too late how badly off square it was. The collage was/is also far too large to fit into the journal, or onto the bed of our copier. Ugh, seriously?

So I photographed the collage and did some major keystone adjustments to square it up, then printed it at reduced size …

and added it to the journal …

Fortunately, Don is back to painting, having finally reached the point where all is well-ordered (enough) in our world …

Such a rest-full place for my eyes after the intensity of the collage.

Wanting to put the morning behind me, I decided to get this post over and done with. As I considered a title, I recalled a long-ago post written about our journey to Texas. Entitled Crazy Country, it reminded me not to take myself so darn seriously … again.

8 thoughts on “Crazy country redux

  1. I am listening to Adam Schiff’s description of trumps obstruction as I read this. Hand shaking, indeed.


    1. The most important thing to remember about collage as a creative medium is that perfectionism can also hold sway as one’s expressive mode of choice. Maybe your wild side is wise enough to know when structure and order will enhance both your learning curve and creative satisfaction as you develop increased insight about YOUR capabilities as well as the scope of what collage contributes to your expressive wellspring.

      On the other hand I saw many perfection-driven collages in the smallest gallery at the Carle Museum. They were astounding in dimension and detail and I couldn’t get over how intricately *perfect* they were.

      maybe that’s just your thing and your wild side is all Heart – beating its way through every thing you do with creative exactitude and heart-full grace.


      1. Thank you, this is quite thought-full … I was long given to believe “perfectionism” was a bad thing … have run away from it in many ways, but still find I lose myself in it when stitching. So yes, I need to embrace both sides of who I am … and it’s interesting to note that my recent intro to tarot is reinforcing that notion

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  2. Collage for me has been are a revelation; it has a rawness that is powerful, especially for me since I am not working the 30 day challenge, not creating a booklet so I don’t worry all that much about the precision of my image pasting or borders, etc. or how it appears in format…and this is why it has caught me off guard, this need to speak in another form, of what matters when it hits me between the eyes in the form of one of Acey’s prompts.

    See I was going to just quietly observe and enjoy what others were making with collage but the thing is that some of Acey’s prompts were like a key turning an old rusty lock. When that creaky door opened and I stepped inside, the need to immerse myself in a new way of communicating, which is what paper collage is to me, just exploded within me, opening and stretching me in so many ways. Acey’s gift of collage does that in ways not anticipated or expected. You didn’t want to do this prompt Liz but you did and to me, this collage is powerful, purposeful and to change your quote of “we the people don’t have a clue” let me say, that we do when we speak our truths in ways so unexpected that they hold a light to the darkness. It takes guts to put what matters to us in creative form and then share that form. To me this is Standing and Facing and not at all clueless…

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    1. Marti – yes, the experience of creating collage has been way more than I expected, although (having accumulated many boxes of paper), I always sensed its potential. And as much as I try to embrace my wild side, this post depicts my need to control … “perfectionism” … I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere …


      1. I meant the other comment I made to be at the end of the chain so it made sense. What i wanted to say in that space relates to how grateful I am that so many people embraced the opportunity to go on record in this type of creative fashion. I wouldn’t have prompted such a thing directly but I realized yesterday morning, while scheduling the treasure box prompt, is that the deceleration for the rest of the challenge won’t feel like a let-down after a peak that’s more fabulous than cathartic.

        Every one of us will be glad to re-focus. To allow ourselves some tiny corner of the day or evening to think about/feel something ELSE. It will be part of how we rally and keep ourselves (and each other) well. To privately celebrate something and mean it wholeheartedly.

        (also I think the way you’ve alternated straight edges with tearing and what the written message says is PLENTY wild. And entirely American as it’s always been my understanding we are meant to be.)


        1. I confess to feeling a sense of relief upon reading today’s prompt … yesterday was a bit too intense for my liking, but totally understandable given the current news cycle of gun proponent rallies in my former home state of Virginia coupled with the impeachment “trial” … I honestly don’t understand how Chief Justice Roberts holds his tongue in the face of the Republicans’ perfidy (I had to look that word up and yes, it fits)

          So an enthusiastic YES (ha!) to refocusing, to thinking about and feeling something other than adrenaline-inducing angst, each of us in our own private corners of the world … with a healthy dose of WILD thrown in periodically

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