8 thoughts on “Ready to go …

  1. Ya got me at “Hippie”…especially since I just finished the book with that title last night! Can’t wait to see more of the rally…


    1. Didn’t take any pictures … and don’t see any online yet. We were a small crew (a few dozen maybe), but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm


  2. My body wasn’t up for spending the day outside in the bitter cold here. disappointed but unfortunately I’m sure there will be more opportunities. (I find it so endearing that you left in your pencil blocking lines. Always love seeing that kind of comparison between the rough and the smooth.


    1. Texas has made me a fair weather protestor … 68 degrees here. And I’m pretty sure the woman in the red pickup who kept shouting “go to hell” wasn’t looking all that closely (for the record, my response was “we love you!” … only later considering what she might have had on the seat next to her)


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