Two-fer Tuesday

This first collage, a response to Acey’s Challenge Prompt #10, came together yesterday …

And since I didn’t take any process shots, I’ll let the journal response I wrote this morning speak for its making …

I did a little bit better at catching the making in progress for Prompt #11

And after the making …

came the writing …

I’m definitely feeling good about these two-pages spreads. And even though the lightbox caused some unfortunate reflection on the glossy book jacket …

this close-up remedied the situation …

Thanks again to Meg, Meliss, and Dee!

8 thoughts on “Two-fer Tuesday

  1. The boxy, the stark…both stunning in their organized simplicity. It is interesting how you’ve received this old journal page at this time and how you put it to use. And seeing the journaling of today with the work of today, really a good combination. That moon almost looks like a lightened asphalt to me. Maybe because I’m on the road so much! haha And now, off I go again…


    1. Who knows … it could well be a rubbing done on asphalt! And thank you for pointing out the connection between the two journals … which I hadn’t considered


  2. The stark and simple image works so so well. And the narrative you’re creating to go with the collages is pure uplift. Thank you. “Don’t be afraid of the silence”


  3. simplicity is everything a whole lot of the time – especially with such deep personal meaning each piece holds. I feel very drawn into the spaciousness of so much beautiful white holding the anchoring design position. Especially, at least for me, as that relates to framing and enhancement of your handwritten entries. Also love your tribute to the moon big-time.

    an ongoing daily practice of inviting and holding silence is so restorative. Have been maintaining it for 15 years now. Couldn’t imagine keeping my head together in today’s landscape without it.


    1. I am new to so much of this … from collage to meditative practice and everything in between … your thoughts, here, on your own blog and in comments elsewhere have been so generous and much appreciated


  4. I am impressed you can keep up with two daily challenges – I am not doing a great job of even commenting on them daily! I really love the moon one – it is stunning. And Listen for the Light I originally twigged as Listen to the Light which I thought was an interesting thing to try. What does it tell us? What is the message? So interesting. I love the way the words you add as titles add so much to my ‘reading’ of the work. Enjoy!


    1. Fiona – well, the irony is that I’ve realized that two daily challenges is one daily challenge too many … so I’ll be cutting out the crayoning for now, but doubling up on collages to catch up to the pack over at Acey’s blog

      Glad you like the journaling and titling components … it’s a different way of going from writing directly into the blog and I’m not sure which way of going will prevail … of course there’s no hurry to find out, right?


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