Loving the library

One of the joys of our new hometown is exploring …

The new library in particular has been awesome, with a maker space, adult classes like the aforementioned crayon workshop, programs for kids (one of which we attended yesterday with P and G, who got to be a lion puppeteer) …

followed in grand style by lunch and dessert at a retro eatery …

And like any good library there are book displays, like the one that led me to check out this book …

which then led to a happy online used book purchase ($4.19) of a collage book by the author/illustrator Andrea D’Aquino …

Not that I “needed” more collage books …

but you never know what you might learn with each new find!

5 thoughts on “Loving the library

  1. Or what may inspire you! As I scrolled down, I thought maybe I should have kept those collage books! I had the top one on your pile for sure 🙂
    I love your family photos…you seem to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary xo


    1. I dunno … I’ve had them for years, but I think they were too much of a good thing. Acey taking us one prompt at a time has made all the difference when it comes to actually getting something done


    1. There can never be too many books … said the retired librarian with five library cards (ha!)

      That said, we did take many, many bags to our local libraries for their book sales to lighten the load before moving last fall


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