14 thoughts on “Joy-full

    1. Sue – these cloth squares began with the Tierney Barden dyed cloth you gave me … just patches when my mind couldn’t focus … now becoming …

      so maybe this: just go …


  1. This is what we as preschool teachers always say…it’s about the process! This is just how I feel too, it’s the making that matters. Perhaps that is why I drag my feet (as I’ve been doing lately) when making a Christmas Stocking, for then it is about product just as much or more.


  2. I’m afraid I always have an end in mind when I’m stitching, knitting or quilting. I wish I could let go more like you Liz. You are always an inspiration to me. The only time I allow myself to play is during clay demonstrations with my students. Past tense of course. 😦 And I enjoy that the most cuz I never know where I’ll end up.


  3. Oh Liz I came back to scope out your use of inktense inkblocks as I am thinking of adding them to my holiday gift from Jim art splurge. It would be nothing *but* splurge since I have the pencils. But I’d like them all the same. Meanwhile I kept scrolling down to see your creative space and then visualize what you described of the Making Blizzard superimposed. Noticed something else first – another random yet significant commonality we share. We have the same sewing machine!


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