Out of sight

It’s that time of the year, when I can’t show you what I’m up to without revealing someone’s gift.

Fortunately, I’m still puttering around with this cloth (although I honestly have no idea where I’m going with it) …

and our tree has been decorated, so there’s that to show …

The grandkid “bunk” room is ready and waiting, with three mattresses stacked into an erstwhile sofa (or trampoline, more likely) …

Don has been working his usual holiday magic on the front porch, but it’s raining, so I’m taking a pass on photographing the garage for now …

And I’m well-pleased with how the stitch/guest room is coming along. The closet doors have been removed to make my “pantry” more accessible …

I’ve hung a bunch of pictures on one wall …

but the facing wall is blank …

Waiting for another day …

20 thoughts on “Out of sight

  1. Oh there is joy a coming…laughter a coming, happiness a coming…grand kids a coming, and that makes for the most holly jolly of times. How wonderful for them to see your warm, oh so very welcoming, festive home Liz and Don. In my family, we have an expression that we made up when our girls were about five and we were talking about cozy family times- they called these times “crunchy bunch” times and you all look ready to have them…

    Don’s reindeer in the jug, I am just going to assume it is a reindeer although it could be a Texas longhorn but nah, it’s a reindeer puts a smile on my face. Your snow people by your front door door, “melted” my heart. I have a folk art snowman and a folk art milk can painted with a snowman by our front door as well. They are nestled in a little wire plant stand along with some juniper and pine cones. Don’t have a tree yet cause I’m waiting until the weekend to go to Home Depot and check out their free tree trimmings box- our little casita is too small to have a large tree so for several years, I make one from trimmings. I do have my orange slices all cut and dried and of course my chili peppers and my over 45 yr old paper snowflakes to put on our simple tree. Our grand kids and their parents arrive the day after Winter Solstice and I have my homemade grapevine Winter Solstice wreath up on a wall in the living room…

    For decking the halls and merry tidings and most of all, for the coming of the light to bring us moments of quiet joy…


  2. I love the squares in a square with blue in middle and browns radiating outward. It does look like you’ve been there for years — nice job settling in!


    1. Since I’m reading about Agnes Martin right now, squares seem especially right … and we brought a lot of Cascade Trail aesthetic with us, so settling in was much easier than it might have been otherwise … everything old is new again

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  3. Liz~ It is all so pretty and inviting! I could wander around with so much to look at, I’d be happy looking for a long time! Enjoy the season in your new home.


  4. You both have been working hard and ithe house looks wonderful. I love the squares where ever it goes – always exciting when you don’t quite know yet!


  5. I join the crowd marveling at how settling everything looks. Also love everything shown that everyone has mentioned but my favorite detail is the pair of gorgeously blue vases. love love love!


  6. I love how at this time of year there is nothing to show, but so much to see! I think I love the reindeer most, but the pantry is fabulous, and wherever that set of squares is taking you I would happily go along with it – delicious – and the quilt and the trampoline and the pictures hung and happy; there is so much to see and be grateful for isn’t there? It feels like a place of welcome and warmth and I hope many happy hearts enjoy their time there.


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