Takin’ it easy

After slamming from high-summer 90s into full-on winter 20s, the weather has come back to something near normal for Texas. So with an old Eagles pop-tune playing in my head, I took my barefeet out onto the back porch to dry my hair in the sun …

while enjoying a through-the-looking-glass view of my stitching window.

I even managed to piece a few patches together …

after auditioning a couple of iterations …

The latest strips are not as visually interesting, so they are soon to be dyed with tea and windfall lichen, gathered with the help of Griffin and Parker yesterday …

And while I don’t have pictures of our lichen gathering activities, nor of the rollicking game of soccer that followed, I do have a fun shot of P trying on Don’s boots …

I could get used to this …

22 thoughts on “Takin’ it easy

  1. easy is the word. the Cloth…colors are easy on the MindsEye, i like them very much, but
    am looking forward to seeing what the lichen does.
    and the young fashionista, well…..
    things shift to a whole different vibe when there is no longer the need for Travel to be
    together…once again, Ease. so Nice.


  2. A Christmas visit to Port Arthur Texas many years ago acquainted me with the highly variable quality of Texas weather. I’m glad to see that you can relax into mini-summer in the midst of November. Parker in Boots…what a hoot! Clearly a Texan girl.


  3. You had me at ‘back porch’ …swoon. Love your patches and rather like your visually not interesting patches! And boy oh boy, that lil P. ~ what a doll baby!


  4. I just can’t believe how quickly P has grown. Seems like she was just born yesterday. Time is flying Grandma. She is adorable! And love those jeans you are wearing. Did you do the mending on them? Did I miss that post on your blog??


  5. Hi Liz – finally got signed in to my old wordpress account. Lets see if this time a comment will go through. if so I’ll know what to do from here on in!


  6. LA – there are times when we just need to chill – and typical of artists we always seems to add a bit of art into the chilling. Great photo of the boot modelling. Go well. B


  7. a great post, celebrating life with your family…..especially that last image: she is ‘good enough to eat’ as we say in Holland;-)


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