A new point of view

The houses are so close together in our new neighborhood that thirty of them would fit on our five acres in San Marcos. This now is the view from my stitching chair …

There are no prairie grasses here, but for the first time ever in my 63 years, there are also no trees in the backyard. And so, because this window looks south, I will be able to watch the sun and the moon as they trace their arcs across the sky. I can’t wait for next Tuesday’s full moon (with fingers crossed that the clouds clear off in the meantime).

Most of the boxes are now unpacked and we are slowly choosing where to hang the artwork we have accumulated over our 45 years together …

But best of all, there is now time and space in which to stitch some windfall lichen-dyed muslin patches with Deb Lacativa’s magical thread …

Life is so very good.

18 thoughts on “A new point of view

    1. Patty – I’m so happy I found your comment in the Spam folder and released it into the wild … ha!

      And you have put your finger on two things I very much like about our new home: wide window sills that are extremely functional … and wood-clad walls that are most pleasing to the eye


    1. I honestly hadn’t realized how quickly things progressed until I went to my hairdresser and realized we had sold our house, found a new house, and moved since my last haircut six weeks earlier!


  1. How wonderful it is to see your lovely blank canvas become a welcoming sanctuary! I’m happy for your happiness and actually said “raised beds” aloud while studying your backyard. If you were to plant a tree what would you select ?


    1. We had terraced beds several houses ago in Virginia when our girls were in elementary school … I’m looking forward to veggie gardening with the next generation


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