Moving on …

Yes, it’s really happening. We are leaving our Hill Country home in a couple of weeks …

We’ll miss so much …

But even though we’re heading to a home with virtually no land, there will be much more creative space …

and we’ll be closer to family …

All it took was time and a bit of hope …

36 thoughts on “Moving on …

  1. Where is the new place. I have been wondering what was happening with you moving adventure. I guess congratulations are in order; I am sad to see you go. I know you’re really busy right now but give me a shout when you have a chance.


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  2. Sometimes we need to do what we need to do for family and leave a part of what we love behind. To my way of thinking, you nurtured your wonderful land for many years and now leave it as a gift for another family to behold its wonder and beauty and that is bittersweet but can also be rewarding in and of itself. Now your new home, “Casa Esperanza”, awaits the joy, love and creativity of you both and soon, it will be filled with the beauty and gifts of cloth and stitch, of assemblages from rust and wood, a time of creating new and wonderful memories. As I wrote in a comment on Jude’s blog, “each place gives of itself but asks that you give of yourself as well…over time, it molds into a place of belonging…” and Liz, so it will be for you and Don.

    Bienvenidos (Welcome) to your new home, Casa Esperanza, house of hope.


  3. Yes, what Grace and Marti say. I wish you strength for the move and cal for the settling. I look forward to seeing your inside/outside spaces filled with YOU GUYS…your art and heart. Being closer to family will be a gift for years to come and maybe less land to care for will be as well (a positive outlook). May you thrive!


  4. The new place looks lovely. I know you’ll love your creating spaces.
    Don’t hurt yourselves during the transition.
    Much love,


  5. Oh, Liz, how exciting and hard. I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful new world you two will create for yourselves and family, and wishing you a smooth transition.


    1. We just finished dinner … tonight is the 45th anniversary of our first (blind) date … everything we’ve ever done that was worth doing was hard … it’s all so very good


  6. Things you’d miss gave me such a pang. I’ve never really recovered from leaving NY.
    But then, I saw that you would be closer to family, not further away.
    I am so happy for you. And them.


  7. Joining the chorus here to wish you and Don well as you make this move. The pangs of loss and the excitement of new possibilities combine bittersweetly as change sweeps you on through life. I’m thinking of you as you approach your new shore.


  8. Hi Liz – This is Acey which might not be clear if I don’t identify myself. I just left a comment on the post you linked to back on a completely different blog! I love what Marti said about the gift you’re passing on to another family.


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