International Day of Peace

As the International Day of Peace comes to a close in Australia, it is morning in Texas.

As they have for several years now, pieces of peace from Barry Smith and Fiona Dempster arrived last month …

They departed this week, the first going to Patty, a new-to-me Kindred Spirit in Virginia, along with a tiny patch of piece that I stitched …

The second was in response to Mark Smith’s project, so I likewise sent him Barry and Fiona’s peace offerings along with a bit of cloth stitched with this librarian’s language of hope …

the Dewey Decimal call number 303.4 … which stands for “Social Change.”

And a third weathergram headed off to Nancy in California along with this very belated housewarming gift stitched back in May

Peace y’all …

20 thoughts on “International Day of Peace

  1. Oh, such a peace-filled post! The gathering of your peace totems (the silver bowl of Barry’s really calls to me. I imagine it must feel so good in the hands) is so full…and the sending off of peace yours and others…such a rich circle! I am grateful to be a part of this world and yes, a bit of hope from the children. Thank you so, for everything, for who you are. xo


  2. Imagine Peace, Live Hope

    If I go out today, I will wear your Imagine Peace pin Liz. It’s home is on one of my cloth collages in our living room and those who have dropped by, see it and ask and it is good to speak of how it came to me.
    Live hope requires that we act, in whatever way we can, no action too small . To see the number of children who stood up yesterday was amazing and Hopeful to the max. My heart is full to know that my ten yr old twin grandchildren marched yesterday with their classmates and teachers; their school totally behind them…


    1. Huzzah for your grandtwins and the school that nurtures them … and to their parents who have provided such a wonderful place for them to learn

      I find myself embracing your words … “live hope” … so may we all


  3. Peace. yes. I can’t figure out how to say what i want to say….peace, yes…always, peace,
    always the WellBeing of All in a just world community. But right now, so much is imminently at
    stake, i stand behind the rising young ones in creating revolution.


  4. So sorry to be late to the party liz…but yes Imagine peace and Live hope; I love it. I think hope is the thing at the moment; a powerful thing to hold onto; to share and to celebrate and promote. Peace within us, between us, in our families, our communities, and our world. Each little bit we do reverberates I am sure…just like that bell!
    Thanks you for sharing and connecting…


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