Once upon a time …

In a tiny church in a little town, a gentle man taught two young mothers that their time and their talents counted as much or more than any treasure.

One turned to the flowers in the fields, making her beloved road-sidea into arrangements that delighted the eye. The other turned to linen and white thread, stitching them into sacred cloth.

Years passed and the two young mothers became grandmothers, their three daughters having grown and become mothers themselves.

And the gentle man moved far, far away, but his lessons were not forgotten …

14 thoughts on “Once upon a time …

  1. Your parable touches me in a couple ways….the powerful effect of having our lives and talents seen and validated and how this can come from anyone….we all have the ability to bestow this grace upon the people around us like the “gentle man”. Also, the value of the homely, unheralded, care-taking activities (usually associated with women and “women’s work”) to make our world beautiful and point to the sacred lambent in every minute. Your embroidery is so simple and meaningful. Lovely.


    1. Hazel – nothing could equal the pictures that float in my mind, but you have surely planted a seed … who knows what might come of it …


  2. Liz I just saw this as I scrolled back through your blog. Somehow I haven’t been seeing them all. Brought tears to my eyes and heart. Thank you!😘
    And I can reply surprise.💕💕💕


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