P’s coverlet made it safely through the washer and dryer. Now a carefully saved bit of Deb Lacativa’s dyed thread is finishing it off …

As Grace suggested, and as Jude has often counseled, the stitched words are buried in the double-gauze middle so they don’t show on the front …

The edge is composed of softly fringed layers, the better to soothe P to sleep in her new big girl bed.

And really, it’s not done done. I will continue to embellish front and back …

Playing off the motifs from Parker’s outgrown baby clothes …

or stitching secret words on the back … whatever they may be.

P.S. The post title also refers to our current state of limbo as we hope a possible offer on our house comes through in time to secure a contract on a house we hope to move to.

24 thoughts on “Edge-y

  1. “Edge-y” is understandable as you wait and hope and still, you stitch love and joy and because you do, I’m sure that your wait will be short and the results what you hope for…P’s coverlet will cover her in Happy and that is such a gift to give her Liz, wrapped in her Nana’s love.


  2. Such a gift! I really like it when thread designs run across patchwork seams. Something else I’ve learned from Jude.

    BTW, some of my research into the lives of the enslaved has revealed that when something was finished, they might call it, “done done”


  3. I love that coverlet so much – the many secret messages and details stitched into it…
    And biding time. Well it is always an odd place to be, the waiting for houses and there is so little one can do to move things along. Wishing you well in your waiting, and crossing appendages for good timings!


  4. Hi LA – what an amazing amount of work and skill – all done with love – so much transferred through your hands and each stitch. Like F – I wish you well in your house search. Go well. B


  5. Love, care, memory, thoughts, & much more in every inch. It’s so loving and cheery, and that it can grow with her is wonderful.
    Wishing you luck and speed in house-land.


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