12 thoughts on “B-sides

  1. the B side is a mystery and requires great skill to allow marks to make themselves, my early embroideries were like rat’s nests on the back!


    1. This brought to mind “Writing Alone and with Others” (p.xxii) by Pat Schneider:

      “To grow in craft is to increase the breadth of what I can do … art is the depth …”

      Always I am trying to become more in both realms of creation … your support and your example have played such an important role in that.


  2. mmmmmm, form and function dilemma….is it possible to sew the words through the patches and then back with a fine cloth so that the asemic words are tucked safely inside; yet can be made out, yet threads won’t catch toes?? best wishes for your solving and resolving!


    1. I’m thinking I may use Jude’s technique of stitching into the middle for the longer thread runs, while letting the smaller stitches show through on the back. The challenge that now looms (literally) large is the size of the cloth as I am accustomed to turning pieces every which way when stitching letters.


  3. LA – the b-side – i like that – a bit like how you saw the ghost letters on the backside of my brass stamped leaves. B-side offers mysteries requiring investigation. Go well, B


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