24 thoughts on “Turning the corner

      1. I am loving that you’re on WordPress now. Your comments and replies come right up on my dashboard with all other comments. Makes a dialogue possible without checking back.


  1. Oh my, be still my heart! That edge says “the story continues” I love it!
    As far as comments, I’m never signed in to wordpress, so I have to check back, for if I get ‘notified’ too many blogs, too many comments and the I have to get to work deleting my interest in past posts! I just check backwards every time I’m here. I’m sure I miss a lot!


    1. And now your comment has me considering what story the back will tell (please don’t laugh … this kind of project us so new to me that it’s hard to imagine it all the way through)


    1. B – thank you … when Don recently commented about “when will it be done?” I thought a moment and then said “maybe never” … I think I might keep adding stitches at P’s direction (during Nana naps, which are famous for their lack of actual sleeping)


  2. It is a fascinating piece to look at, go back to and look at again. But also it is just so full of happy love! I don’t really understand how the machine washing changes things tho? My lack of quilting no-how on show!


    1. My lack of quilting experience is likewise on full display here … so your question is perfect, making me consider that the edge could indeed be composed of ragged appliqué (a la Jude) rather than a tidily turned binding. The resulting fray would surely be a wonder! Thank you!!


    1. Your comment ties in perfectly with the imaginings that are now coming thick and fast … the give and take of blog comments is truly food for thought!


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