Starting to put it together

P’s coverlet is progressing, but photographing the latest step is challenging, given the long narrow-ness of it …

Not to mention the lighting challenges on a day when the sun is elusive at best. Grace will surely relate to my frustration. So, I’m trying this, photographing it in pieces and letting the pictures stream together …

And one last close-up for the record …

16 thoughts on “Starting to put it together

  1. It looks great. If you aren’t piecing or using white that you have on the back, DO NOT buy fabric. You are more than welcome to pick from my stash.


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    1. Thanks for the offer … the cloth behind in the picture is the eventual backing. Now I’m debating whether or not to insert a layer of harem cloth in between


  2. i just like this SOOOOO much! and love that the long horizontals occasionally vary…this is
    brilliant visual relief for someone who has difficulty with the order of squares. It makes it all
    very Happy to my eyes and heart. Just beauty FULL work! and i always vote for harem cloth.
    Yay to you!


    1. Thanks muchly … I’m amazed at how it’s all fitting together as I’ve done virtually no planning. “Trust the process” is paying off!


    1. Thank you for realizing that, as I realize each stitch is like a hammer blow … the repetitions that calm us, that are the core of our creative processes


  3. Liz~ this is just ever so lovely! Your stitches, as always, so precise…the fabric – so cheerful and the pattern, a delight! Love the little Bug on the Bottom pic! xo


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