19 thoughts on “Secondary color study

    1. Patty – I sat outside for the longest time today … just watching the butterflies, bees, birds, and bugs … magic indeed for those who have eyes to see (and time to look)


    1. Jude – it’s so rare to get this close to one of the butterflies … the mealy blue sage nectar must have been good to the point of distraction


  1. and so..here it IS. the truly complete Amazement…the flower, the Being. To watch this
    as many times as possible so that the true miracle of it sinks in…that tongue, that perfect
    tool that is a tongue


  2. Liz…thank you for sharing the glory of that magificent butterfly. Truly one of God’s masterpieces. Hearing the birds in the background and the gentle movement of the flower, harkens back such lovely memories of recent days in Texas. Love to you and Don.


  3. I saw it! Just read your words in Mo’s comments about how the Texas hills have won you over. And here we see why.


      1. The Rockies are something else. Every time we visit, I swoon. The sky here, too. Such a different scale!


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