14 thoughts on “Patch pocket for P …

    1. Sue – thank you … for every photo I use, there are dozens more … and for every post I write, there are at least ten that never make it out of my head!


    1. Grace – somehow I don’t recall our kids or older grandkids being enthralled by pockets, but P certainly is … she loves digging her hands in and sashays with pure joy


  1. Hi LA – pockets are they way to go – getting into it earlier the better. Ice-cream is great; but making stone cairns has to be one of those universal joys. Go well. B


    1. Hazel – yes, I do, too … and you can usually read my mood by how far I dig my hands in

      And that fabric … culled from my daughter’s discarded pjs (I always ask to get first dibs on her Goodwill donations)


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