Necessity is the mother of mending

My jeans, the ones I wear when working the land, were torn …

The result of moving the rusted bedsprings gifted by neighbors Connie and Karl Akers …

Fortunately, it was only the jeans that tore. In the future, I think I’ll leave it to Don to move rusty bits around as he does a much better job of it …

Nonetheless, I do like having a good excuse to mend …

And now that my itchy stitching fingers have been soothed, I’m off to do some (more) weeding!

11 thoughts on “Necessity is the mother of mending

    1. Fiona – I was replying to Mo as your comment pinged in … the ether is buzzing between spring and fall, here and there. Hope your toe is recovering from your gardening misadventure.


    1. I wondered if anyone would pick up on my stitching in memory of what could have been a most unfortunate accident. Our grandson (age 6) said, “next time you should get someone to help you.” To true.

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