Wildflower wander/wonder

As many times as I’ve posted about wildflowers, when spring comes to the Hill Country, I can’t help but post again …

Prairie fleabane
Bitterweed (I think … maybe)
Prairie verbena

As always, looking for bluebonnets …

Then my eye espied a butterfly, but try as I might, I couldn’t catch it with wings open. Until I realized I could take a video, although even that was fleeting …

Which is when it occurred to me that a wildflower video might be a good idea …

Of course, I was fixated on the bluebonnet, but as I watched the video back at the house, it was the tiny coral berries to the right that caught my eye.

Wait, what? How had I missed them? And what were they?

So after dinner I went back out and this is what I found …

A tiny little succulent that looks green when viewed from overhead, its subtle coral only visible when viewed from ground level. And it was everywhere I looked, just waiting to be discovered.

16 thoughts on “Wildflower wander/wonder

  1. do i understand correctly that these are a First Time being at your Place???? and “all over”???
    this is Very Exciting!!!!!!!
    and i miss wandering Out there with you…more please
    it’s me, grace…., love,


    1. Grace – they are new to me, but have probably been here all along, waiting to be recognized. And yes, I will continue to wander and wonder


  2. Haven’t seen that succulent growing wild but it’s about $2.50 for a 1/2 pint carton at Natural Gardener, it makes a nice grown cover/ potted plant.


    1. Fiona – I likewise love seeing the incredible diversity of the flowers Barry photographs in your world … and the raw beauty of your Scotland home away


    1. Nancy – I do love the delicate blush of color at the ends of those tiny petals! And I’m now thinking I may finally be able to give a sense of our land through video!


  3. The first sighting of cyclamens in the yard are a happy surprise every year. Thank you for sharing, especially loved how they quiver in the breeze.


  4. Hi LA – a delight to go wandering with you – the short videos can make it all the more real and personal. The wild flowers are gorgeous – and seem to be growing in a pretty tough and rocky environment. I never tore of the renewal of the seasons and discovering tiny wild flowers and other bits. Enjoy. B


    1. Barry – I am always amazed at the detail of your floral iPhonography … now I’m wondering how far I can push the video idea while keeping it short and sweet.

      And yes, the flood plain is like a moonscape during the mid-winter and mid-summer dormancies, so I never cease being amazed at how much manages to grow on it between-times.


    1. Jude – thanks for the name … there is so much that we don’t notice or attend to for want of an understanding of its place in the the world. Naming is the beginning of understanding …


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