Joy to the world

Addendum: Fiona Dempster wrote a beautiful post about the opening:

It finally arrived, the opening for Mo’s vision of the collaboration I dream of a world where love is the answer

Artsite invitation

which includes a beautifully photographed catalog of the contributions from around the globe …

canvas 3

I am honored to have been a contributor  …

Link to read how the pennant came to be
canvas 2
Link to see the making of the torn and tattered heart

and am so looking forward to seeing even more pictures from the opening, while wishing there was a way to fly around the world to see the exhibit in person.

16 thoughts on “Joy to the world

  1. Joy is just the most apt description for Mo’s exhibit of I Dream of A World Where Love is the Answer for joy abounds in the vision that brought us all together all over the world. Your pennant Liz with words of such deep meaning just sings…for me, this experience was a once in a lifetime journey of connection, caring and sharing.


    1. Deb – that might be because the shell was made at the beginning of Jude’s Considering Weave class … it was, quite literally, when I let go of careful, measured stitching and embraced the wild side of cloth


  2. Liz , it is a wonderful feeling to be with you and the many others in this exhibition. With my small talisman I feel part of a awesome group. I´m impressed by your pennant and your talisman. Remember well Jude´s weaving class. I didn´t follow your blog yet but I will in future. Doris


  3. Being part of Mo’s project really was a gift, wasn’t it? Your beautiful pennant and mended shell led the way.


    1. Dana – it was so amazing to look at the pictures from the opening and say to self, “look, there’s Dana and Dee and Jude all in a row … and oh my, I’m next to Bronwyn and Judy and Fiona” … as if each pennant stood in for its maker.

      I’m still surprised that my contributions arrived first, but less so when I think back to how incredibly motivated I was once the way forward became clear.

      So now we have blog posts and video and that amazing catalog … food for much future thought, a joy to return to again and again.

      You’re absolutely right … it was, and will always be, a gift …


  4. LA – I love the power of these global collaborations. It was touching and inspiring to see your’s and Marti’s work there. Made the community of love and peace seem more tangible and real. Go well. B


    1. Barry – thank you for taking so many pictures at the opening … they truly brought it to life for me (and many others, I’m sure). What most intrigued me was the one of Fiona reading the words of “I dream of a world where love is the answer” … that’s when I realized Mo’s brilliance in making the pennants so accessible, front and back!


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