No, not grappling … graupeling, which is a slightly weird weather phenomenon about which I learned more in Wikipedia.

And since we actually had some graupel fall yesterday, this gives me an opportunity to test out video in the new blog. So here goes …


I’m not at all sure why the initial video image appears sideways, but it seems to straighten itself out once you hit the play button. So, okay … something to play with.

And here’s another thing. Categories and Tags (which are new to me) only display at the end of the post if you are in “Comment” mode. Strange.

8 thoughts on “Graupeling?

    1. Nancy – yep, I’m on a steep learning curve. Just came to the happy realization that I can globally edit and/or delete tags and categories. My retired librarian self is considering all the possibilities …


        1. Nancy – there’s something to be said for getting the move over and done with sooner rather than later … but ugh, if only it had been on your terms instead of forced. Here’s hoping you end up in a better place …


  1. (((Liz))) call me old fashioned but I still use the old editor, if you go into the drop down side bar menu under My Sites, at the end of that menu click on WP Admin which gives a much wider range of all your posts comments pages widgets etc


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