The beginning of the end for Blogger?

I’ve already written this post once, but my mobile version of Blogger on my old iPhone 5s wouldn’t publish it. So, back to publishing on the laptop … for as long as that lasts. And ugh … I hate formatting on the PC … the mobile app was soooo much easier.

Anyway, in addition to the gift pot Deb Sposa sent, there was this beautiful bit of handwoven cloth …

Here’s the back story in Deb’s words:

“I found it at an estate sale at a gorgeous mountain home where the owners had collected amazing Southwestern flavored artworks including fiber pieces & western antiques.  Not sure how old it is but I’m guessing at least 50 to 75 years old.  The weave style looked Mexican or possibly Native American and I think it was used as a small book cover.  I hope you will be able to find a use for it.  Possibly bind your own book to put inside …”

Well that answered the question I had about the sewn-under ends …

And got me thinking how best to showcase it …

I liked the idea of a book, so I played with the idea of making pages out of used tea bags …

And then, recalling our trek to northern New Mexico last summer, I hit on the perfect idea: the petroglyphs that we saw in Santa Fe …

So now I’m playing with watercolors and gouache, trying to find the perfect combination …

As Rachel Maddow is wont to say, “Watch this space … “

11 thoughts on “The beginning of the end for Blogger?

  1. Dee – small enough that I might actually get it done (as I roll my eyes thinking about the work needed to finish Moon Myth)Barry – Deb is a wonder … it's interesting how some folks in the ether know me as well (or better?) than some folks in the fleshMo – your Key Book sits overlooking my work nest … inspiration right at hand


  2. Every inch of this is fabulous! You landed on such a unique 'book' to tuck inside. I will be watching this space for sure, especially since it is so much more calming and beautiful that what Rachael shares! Ha. xo


  3. I was thinking check book cover….something they had back then…but i like your use for it much better~! i also need your address to send you something that might tie into who you are….or might be an astounding miss!


  4. Nancy – I hope the reality matches the vision … and yeah, what Rachel Maddow reveals is a dark underbelly that is far from calmingVicky – you have a good eye … I held up a checkbook to the cloth and it was a perfect match. And what an intriguing offer: \”something that might tie into who you are\” … thank you in advance for what will surely be an in-sight to self.


  5. Wow, lucky you! Your plans for a petroglyph book are perfect for this little woven gem. I will indeed, be watching this space, but then…I am always watching it.


  6. I'm thrilled Liz that you are already working it out. The teabag idea is so perfect with the petroglyths inside. I'm so glad it's being shared and enjoyed with all.xoxox


  7. Dana – Oh what fun watching your space will be with a new grandbaby on the way!Annick – I hope I can make a book worthy of the care that went to the making of this weavingDeb – Thank you again for this inspirational bit of woven cloth … and for planting the idea of making a book for it


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