I have been too long away. With too many things rattling around in my head, I ended up putting none of it down.

But today’s mail call gave me the nudge I needed to get back in gear. A whimsical box …


holding treasure: tapestry, handspun, and a cunning little vessel …


Look closely and you’ll read Deb Sposa’s name scribed into the foot …


It’s a wonderful keepsake from someone I very much admire. And if you don’t already do so, please read Deb’s blog to see why
And so, finally finding myself online again, I figured I might as well give you a peek at my recent patchplay …


wonky improvs on the traditional log cabin design made from P’s outgrown baby clothes.
Some of the clothing was so sheer that I decided to piece strips together …


before cutting them into perpendicular strips to provide a little more stability …


I interspersed the pieced strips with brand new, solid cotton quilting cloth (gasp). That was a first for me as I usually work with thrift store linen clothing, but P’s clothes were all cotton and I sensed the need for a consistent fiber content and weight to stabilize the eventual whole.
Besides which, there was no way those tiny baby clothes were going to stretch far enough for another first: a “true” quilt. By which I mean a pieced top and a backing with a third layer sandwiched in the middle, all stitched together into a bed covering of some sort. Something I’ve never done before. To which end I purchased a double weave cotton gauze to use in place of batting …


Because I’ve never followed recipes exactly, so why start now?

28 thoughts on “Joy-full

  1. I have never seen a Road Runner except in a Wiley Coyote cartoon. Cool. I like the pics grouped on your wall. I've been mulling over how to change the main wall in my living room. No, not road runners. You have me thinking about it again.. That duck was an awesome find and your husband made it REALLY special. Quite a conversation piece..xx, Carol


  2. Carol -When we lived in Virginia, blue herons were the birds that made me happiest. On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, pelicans. Here in the Hill Country it is the roadrunners that are endlessly fascinating. One visited our back porch a couple of years ago, then jumped onto the car for a bit. It made the most other-worldly clacking sound.


  3. Thanks Barry. I once heard a speaker state that \”unrealized potential\” was one of the saddest phrases … better, she thought, to realize every potential possible in the time we have allotted.


  4. That duck!!! Phew, caught my typo on that! lol I had roadrunners at my first home in this valley…pretty cool birds! Love the woven piece.


  5. Liz…I thought I posted something early this am and its not there? Anyway, the log cabin block is my favorite. Using Miss P's clothing to surround the Heart-h is so special. A treasure as you are. Blessings.


  6. Let me know how you like the double gauze as batting, and thank you Liz for the Shout Out. So glad you like your gift. I'm so thankful for you and all the time you put into comments for my kids. xoxo


  7. Jude – another first for me … glad it gets your seal of approvalSue – glad you came back … love your commentsMo – it’s too much fun to call it patchworkDeb – the comments make me look closer … which is so worth doing. And wait until you see what that bit of Southwest weaving has inspired!


  8. Nancy – thank you … I’m a long way from the quilting stage, but you can be sure I’ll report on the gauze here.Annick – I’m usually not much of one for wrapping, but Deb’s box has given me second thoughts


  9. Barry – so much truth in this comment: how we create new things from old for one. But to your point, how much more satisfying it is to gift spontaneously rather than \”on demand\” as dictated by the calendar of holidays (one more reason why Thanksgiving is my favorite: no implied gifting)


  10. Yes, I have missed reading your posts, so welcome back. I know the extra 50 seconds of daylight we gained by new years eve was just what I needed, so maybe it's helped you too!I have been reading Artisun for years now, so many good ideas come from her!I really like your idea of using baby clothes that way. My daughter brought me 3 bags of 'faves' from her 3, but she wants them used as a whole….and i have yet to figure out a way to do that…course, I have been doing other things instead, so that might not help.


  11. Vicky – I don't know how \”back\” I am quite yet … another doctor visit tomorrow. And yikes … three bags! Although I recall being much calmer over the clothing stash once the hems, seams, and elastic casings had all been trimmed away.


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