Braille for the sky

With a nod to Mo for inspiring the title of this post, here’s where I am with the first of two “endpapers” for Moon Myth …

The moon phases, not yet attached, were made by piercing handmade paper
with a needle and then gently pushing the resulting shapes out … 

creating softly feathered edges …

The night sky was made from a thrift store linen dress which had bias-cut strips seamed together …

I folded the cloth over and visibly basted two layers together with Jude’s glue stitch worked in size 8 perle cotton, creating a wonderfully textured front …

and (as always) a wild and crazy looking back …

Don just walked in and said, “that’s cool.”
Yeah, I’m thinkin’ it is, too.

7 thoughts on “Braille for the sky

  1. I could lay back and look at your sky all night! I've used the same stitching on my pennant for Mo's project. I think of it as: When invisible baste becomes thread beads 🙂


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