This just wanted to be …

I needed to take small stitches …
And when I wondered what to do with the spaces between the words, I found inspiration at Penny Berens’ blog 

Drew carefree lines …

and let myself go …
even reaching back in time to Jude’s Considering Weave, a firm foundation …
Then found this on the New York Times 
and took in the sheer beauty of it. 
May we all be happy …

16 thoughts on “Metta

  1. Louise – thank you … I got lost in it and found happinessNancy – I now \”get\” metta so much more than I did before. The part that eludes me is finding it within myself to wish some individuals well when they are wreaking such havoc in the world. I have a long way to go …


  2. your work is so very generous Lizand thank you for that video on Gee's Bend strength-women. xo\”we going to leave this all behind some day. it's not ours. we only borrowing it, for the time we are here.\” xoxoxo


  3. Deb – ArtTalk has been very helpful … thank youBarry – thank you … words instruct me, but I need many repetitions before they sink inJudy – thank you … I have learned much about generosity of spirit and actions from the Kindred Spirits … and the Gee's Bend video made my heart swell with the wonder of itHazel – thank you for coming here … and for being such a guiding light


  4. Oh Liz – I just finished watching the clip about these fine ladies. They have such beautiful, genuine souls. The quilts are humbling in their depth of love and words from the heart. Your stitched piece is the embodiment of those so very needed words and feelings.


  5. Sue – And I had the amazing experience of getting a book out of our library entitled \”Outliers and American Vanguard Art\” and recognized a photo of the Gee's Bend quilter pictured above. It is wonderful to \”put a face\” to an body of art.


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