Moon rise

Page 9 of Moon Myth is another memory cloth of a golden full moon rising over the trees on Cascade Trail …

Once again, Deb Lacativa’s dyed cloth and threads have a starring role …

And this time I did a turned-edge reverse appliqué lined with a row of split back stitch worked with two strands of floss, while a single strand of detached back stitch danced around the edges of the dyed cloth marks.

11 thoughts on “Moon rise

  1. The words to Moon Myth are so enchanting but when combined with cloth, threads and stitching, they come alive in such a wondrous way, tactile in imagery with magic created on every page.


  2. Nancy – thank you and in return I much appreciate your words … meticulous “marked by extreme or excessive care in the consideration or treatment of details” and enchanting “powerfully pleasing, appealing, or delightful” (with thanks to for supplying the definitions).


  3. Dana – Mo’s intricate blue moon was in my mind … thus one obviously simpler, but I am very happy with the light touches of stitch led by Deb’s dyeing


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