That’s better

I’m happier with this version of the waxing quarter moon (aka half moon) for page 7 of Moon Myth

Both halves of the black sky are Deb Lacativa dyed damasks, and I love that one trends red while the other trends green …

The starry field is not-so-invisible basting worked in silk. The moon is cut from the selvage edge of a handwoven placemat.

Of course, this isn’t exactly what I had planned. I had auditioned these pieces of cloth …

and pieced them together …

then invisibly basted them down with the expectation that I would reverse appliqué to reveal both white and a mottled “dark half” of the moon …

But then I had second thoughts, confirmed by my in-house consultant, that it might be best to reverse appliqué only the half over the moon. So I unstitched, cut and reworked …

with the result shown at the beginning of this post. 
Phew. I’ve almost reached the half-way point with seven out of sixteen pages complete. Now I have more bases to make and more pages to compose. 
I think I can, I think I can …

9 thoughts on “That’s better

  1. Hazel – thank you … the words have been with me for a long time and I love seeing where they lead my needle. Lucky me to have a trove of Deb Lacativa's dyed cloth and threads to play with …


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