So much to love

Deb Lacativa’s latest shipment of thread magic

arrived just in time …


to become a part of Moon Myth


Four bases are well underway and Deb’s threads will play a major role in their embellishment.
Meanwhile, here are a few looks in the rearview mirror at Parker’s first birthday presents. A bib made from her infant sleep sack …


a sensory table made by Don (aka PopPop), which holds a tea set from Aunt Liss and is also the perfect height for practicing standing up …


and her rag doll, which reportedly receives many juicy kisses …


and then gets unceremoniously tossed on the floor …


Good thing I went with stitched-on hair!

12 thoughts on “So much to love

  1. Grace – and Emrie soon to reach One too … how swiftly time passes. So many things to smile about …Mo – today I am stitching sun and sky … threads flying through my fingers, encircling Deb’s cloth.


  2. Oh this is all so grand! I'm so happy she loves her dolly…they are both so sweet. As an ECE professional…I love seeing such and open-ended, appropriate gift! And that shape toy, does it make noise as the shapes slide in? If so, a similar one was my daughters' favorite! She played with endlessly and the noise was not obnoxious! lol On her own, she figured out that she drop the shapes in upside-down and then hear all three of them as she dumped them all back out…self-learning at its best 🙂 Enjoy these days, they are a treasure. I also am enjoying seeing the pages come together, seemingly so quickly. I like the B&W stripe, but it really stands out/apart in this pic, so I can't wait to see where you are going with it next!


  3. Nancy – the sensory table was requested by our daughter and while it will ultimately reside outside so it can hold water and other inside-unfriendly stuff, for now it has become a play box. And yes, the shape toy makes wonderful sounds … as does the little tea set. P's favorite thing to do is rattle the wooden spoons inside the wooden vessels … making a delightfully soft clacking sound.Barry – I have been pleasantly surprised by her attachment to the doll as her favorite toys are the ones her big brother plays with (cars, trucks, trains, etc.) At least for now she is wonderfully unbiased gender-wise.


  4. P.S. to Nancy – my daughter read your comment and sent me a video of P blowing into the shape toy to make a sound. Something she figured out herself, clever child.


  5. Hey cool! That is one of my favorite parts of caregiving with this age…watching them explore and learn…you can almost SEE their wheels turning as they figure things out. I love that!


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