Hmmm … did I ever post this?

So I was scrolling back through my pictures looking for something else when I stumbled across this …

It was a Christmas 2016 gift, the quote taken from a t-shirt much admired (and aspired to) by its recipient. I think I held off posting until it was received … ah well, better late than never.
So, a bit of recycled patchplay for your viewing pleasure and mine as we are soon headed to the island alluded to in the quote. I’m counting the days …
And a note for Blogger users:

For reasons unknown, Blogger is no longer sending email notifications of new comments. 
So, if you are a Blogger author, you might want to check the Comments section of your dashboard. I’ve added that to my daily email checking routine.
If you are a Blogger reader, you might want to send an email with this info if you have commented on a Blogger post in the past week and it has yet to receive a response from the author.

10 thoughts on “Hmmm … did I ever post this?

  1. Hi LA – I think blogger is just trying to set it up so it can shut it down. That would be bad as I like looking at the detail of what folk are doing. Go well. B


  2. Barry – I agree … that or they are getting ready to offer an \”enhanced\” version of Blogger for a fee in which they put back what they've taken out


  3. Grace – H and I were shopping together and she pointed out a t-shirt she said she could really relate to. So I snapped a picture, tweaked the words a bit, and made this piece.


  4. Wishing you happy island time Liz – and thanks for the heads up re blogger comments. Can't believe it! I am so sorry for all my blogging folk who I didn't know had commented…


  5. Nancy – I always imagined we would retire to the beach … but we landed 1000' feet above sea level. Go figure. Fiona – thank you … Avon on North Carolina's Outer Banks has been my heart's home for over 30 years.


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