Seeing the light

This will be part of Don’s latest project …


which isn’t surprising given the jaunt we took last Friday to see Ellsworth Kelly’s masterwork titled Austin
at the Blanton Museum of Art …


Fortunately, I read up on Kelly before we went, having checked out the current edition of Ellsworth Kelly by Tricia Paik from the library (the new edition to be published in June will be on my birthday wish list for sure) …


We decided to see the Blanton’s temporary exhibit of Kelly’s work before going in to experience Austin. Even though I had done my homework, the sheer scale of these canvases rocked me back on my heels …



Fortunately, some of his studies …


and smaller works allowed me to catch my breath …

And not surprisingly, I was particularly drawn to those that read as nine-patches to my eye …



All in preparation for seeing Ellsworth Kelly’s last work, his only building …
Pictures don’t do it justice …


although the video in this New York Times article comes close.

And there’s no doubt the visions that were planted in my brain will find their way onto cloth someday. I hope I can do them justice.

12 thoughts on “Seeing the light

  1. Wow! I was going to speak of the black and white and how it reminded me of Jude…how I liked it best…THEN I kept scrolling! They ALL must have been something to see!


  2. Nancy – There were some breath-takingly large black and white canvases at the exhibit, but photos didn't do them justice. If you ever have a chance to see an Ellsworth Kelly exhibit, please treat yourself to the experience.


  3. Wow! Might be a place we need to stop at on our next trip out West. I love the way your reflection was caught while taking the pictures. Very interesting. Blessings.


  4. Hazel – I look forward to going back on a sunny day. In my mind, I imagine sitting with a sketch pad and drawing my impressions rather than snapping away with a camera.Judy – Thank you in return for the artists you share …Sue – I hope we can go together someday … and yes, the reflection. I do love when that happens.


  5. I left a comment on my phone, but then it asks me to sign in to wordpress (even tho I'm blogging from same device?!) — so delayed here. I went to the video and was bowled over about the play of light across the interior surfaces. The structure and the marble plaques look so simple and plain, but then the color and light comes in and it's almost too much.


  6. Dee – it’s hard to describe the experience … awe, wonder, breathlessness … I’m thinking I need a museum membership so I can return often and get to know it in all its lights and seasons. And while I’ve never been one to paint and draw much, this place inspires me to want to try. I wonder if they permit one to do so on site …I do wish it had a different name, though … “Austin” just doesn’t fit somehow.


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