I’ve always been a fan of hand-me-downs … the ultimate in re-use! And so, since Parker had outgrown her 6-month clothes, I co-opted an outfit for her doll …

While I’ve never been successful at dressmaking, as the mother of tall, slender, once-upon-a-time prom-goers, I have had lots of experience in alterations …

And even though it’s a bit of a gray day for photography, the end result of my stitching was well-worth documenting …

Sadly, the 100% cotton resisted my needle every step of the way, so I decided on no stitch embellishing this time around.  
But I’m thinking there could be more hand-me-downs to come …

11 thoughts on “Hand-me-downs

  1. Susan – Thanks, I like this outfit much better than the first one. As for the needle, I was using a John James 11, so pretty fine. More to the point (ha), I've been spoiled by stitching mostly well-washed linen harvested from thrift store clothing.


  2. What a wonderful new family tradition you have begun. The doll is wonderful and her new dress such a lovely treasured memory save and re-created.(hand-stitching on some cloths is truly a negative experience…I, too use very fine needles but opt to omit the stitches when the fabric seems like metal.)


  3. Barry – a fond memory from my childhood: going to the (garbage) dump while staying at my grandparents’ cottage and foraging for games left by departing vacationers. Reuse is deep in me …Mo – those sleeves were a total surprise … they made themselves known


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